Highways in Moldova

The length of the public road network in Moldova is 9,352 km. Of which with a hard surface – 8.835 km.

Toll roads

On November 1, 2012, the Republic of Moldova introduced a road toll (vignette) for owners of cars with foreign numbers. The amount of the fee depends on the length of time the national roads are used.

Vignettes can be bought in the following locations:

  • at customs offices (customs) through a financial institution in cash and / or by transfer in Moldovan lei or in foreign currency at the official rate of Moldovan lei valid on the day of payment;
  • at authorized points determined by the authorized central administrative authority, in cash and / or by transfer in MDL or foreign currency at the official MDL exchange rate valid on the day of payment.

Since 2017 it has been possible to issue a vignette online on the website of the  Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure 

Vignette costs

Vignette costs (EUR) in Moldova for 2021 for cars and trailers:

vehicle7 days15 days30 days90 days180 days
4 €8 €16 €45 €€ 85

The fee for a vignette for more than 180 days in 12 consecutive months is 180 euros, which must be paid for each additional period of 180 days including incomplete periods after the first 180 days.

The minimum period for which you can buy a vignette for a car is 7 days. Even if the trip only lasts 1 day.

 When making the payment, be sure to check that the vehicle registration number you entered is correct.

Road traffic control

The control is carried out by the traffic police or the mobile brigade of the customs service.

If, when leaving the country, a car is found that is not registered in the Republic of Moldova and moves without paying a vignette, or an expired vignette is found, the customs authorities will only allow crossing the state border after presenting a document confirming the payment of this fee and fines.

Unauthorized Travel Penalty

Driving a vehicle not registered in the Republic of Moldova and a trailer on public roads without a vignette payment certificate for less than 7 days will result in a fine of 100 conventional units – MDL 5,000 (€ 231).

Driving a vehicle not registered in Moldova and its trailer on public roads without a vignette payment certificate for more than 7 days will result in a fine of 130 conventional units – MDL 6,500 (€ 300).

Since January 1, 2017, the border police have been authorized to check the presence and correctness of the vignette – the obligation to use roads by vehicles that are not registered in the Republic of Moldova.

Road map

Road map of Moldova

The main traffic rules of Moldova

Speed ​​limit

Speed ​​limits in Moldova

Standard speed limits in Moldova (unless otherwise stated on signs). Cars:

  • in the village – 50 km / h
  • outside the village – 90 km / h
  • on the way – 110 km / h

Cars with trailers:

  • in the village – 50 km / h
  • outside the village – 70 km / h
  • on the way – 90 km / h


  • in the village – 50 km / h
  • outside the village – 90 km / h
  • on the way – 90 km / h

The current maximum speed limits for passenger cars on the roads of European countries.


The maximum permissible blood alcohol level is  0.3 ‰  .

If the blood alcohol level is between 0.3 ‰ and 0.5 ‰, this is punished with a fine of 17,500 to 25,000 MDL (809 – 1,155 €), whereby the right to drive a vehicle for a period of 2 to 3 years is withdrawn will.

If the blood alcohol level exceeds 0.5 ‰, the fine is 37,500 to 42,500 MDL (1,733-1,964 €) or unpaid work in favor of the company for a period of 200 to 240 hours, both of which are deprived of the right to a vehicle for a period to drive from 3 to 5 years (Article 264  1  CCRM).

Refusal, resistance or evasion of a vehicle driver from a breathalyzer test – a fine of 45,000 to 50,000 MDL (2,079 – 2,311 €) or unpaid work in favor of the company for a period of 200 to 240 hours with deprivation of the right to drive vehicles in both cases for one Period of 3 to 5 years to drive.

Acceptable blood alcohol levels while driving in Europe.

dimmed headlights

Drivers of all vehicles must turn on submerged headlights during the day from November 1st to March 31st inclusive and when visibility is restricted due to fog, snow, rain, etc. Mandatory when driving through tunnels (  Paragraph 34 3) of the SDA of Moldova  ).

The fine is MDL 450 (€ 21).

In which European countries is the use of dipped headlights mandatory during the day?

Transportation of children

Children under the age of 12 may only be transported in a passenger vehicle that is equipped with a special child restraint system (or other devices: a special cushion, a height-adjustable seat on which you can wear standard seat belts) the following requirements:

  • The child restraint system meets the safety standards.
  • The child restraint system corresponds to the weight and height of the child.
  • Due to the position of the child on the seat, the seat belt can be put on correctly (relative to the shoulder and pelvis).

It is forbidden to transport children under the age of 12 in the front seat of a passenger car or in the right front seat of a minibus or bus.

The fine is between 450 and 600 MDL (€ 21-28).

Requirements for the transport of children in light vehicles on the roads of European countries.

Seat belts

The use of seat belts is compulsory for front and rear passengers   .

The fine is between 450 and 600 MDL (€ 21-28).

Make a phone call

It is forbidden to use a telephone device while the vehicle is in motion that is not equipped with a technical device that allows negotiations without the use of hands (Article 14 of the SDA of Moldova).

The fine is between 450 and 600 MDL (€ 21-28).

Fines for phone calls while driving in European countries.


It is forbidden to operate vehicles with a tinted windshield or front door windows, or on which various objects are placed that limit the driver’s view in violation of the provisions of the road traffic regulations.

The fine is between 600 and 1,200 MDL (28-55 €).


The fine is set in conventional units. One conventional unit is equivalent to MDL 50 (€ 2.31). Fines for traffic violations in Moldova:

violationPenalties (MDL)
Exceeding the speed limit by 10 to 20 km / h300-600 (€ 14-28)
Exceeding the speed limit from 20 to 40 km / h600-900 (€ 28-42)
Exceeding the speed limit over 40 km / h1,200 – 1,500 (€ 55 – 69)
Failure to comply with the priority law for pedestrians150-300 (€ 7-14)
Violation of the driving rules through a level crossing3,000-3,750 (€ 139-173)
Passage at a red light750 – 900 (€ 35 – 42)
Traffic accidents with minor injuries1,500 – 2,000 (€ 69 – 92)
Violations that threatened traffic accidents900-1,500 (€ 42-69)
Stopping and parking in forbidden places150-300 (€ 7-14)
Failure to comply with the requirements of signs, road markings600-750 (€ 28-35)
Do not keep headlights, license plates and glass clean50 – 100 (€ 2 – 5)
Operating a vehicle without compulsory liability insurance150-300 (€ 7-14)

The offender has the right to pay half of the determined fine if it is paid within 72 hours from the date of imposition. In this case, the penalty in the form of a fine is considered fully enforced.

Useful information


Unleaded petrol (92, 95 and 98) and diesel are available in Moldova. Petrol stations (LPG and methane) are available.

Emergency numbers

  • European emergency number – 112

Since April 1, 2018, all services have been transferred to a single number.

Compulsory equipment

Equipment  You  Must Have in Your Car:

  • First aid kit for cars  ;
  • Emergency stop sign  – or portable red flashing light;
  • Safety vest  – no fine from 450 to 600 MDL (21 – 28 €);
  • Fire extinguisher  .

Requirements for equipment that must be present in the car in various European countries.

Winter equipment

Winter tires

From December 1 to March 1, it is forbidden to drive a passenger car with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons (normal off-road capability – 4 × 2 or off-road capability – 4WD) in the presence of snow or ice on the road, as well as in icy conditions Conditions if your wheels as well as the trailer wheels pulled by these vehicles are not equipped with winter tires marked “M + S”, “MS” or “M & S”. The fine is MDL 500 (€ 23).


Studded tires are allowed only if there is snow or ice or ice on the pavement and if a significant difference in weather conditions has been observed throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Requirements for the use of winter and studded tires in different European countries.

Recommended equipment and other rules

A first aid kit and a fire extinguisher must be placed in the locations specified by the manufacturer. If the design of the vehicle does not allow for these locations, the first aid kit and fire extinguisher must be in easily accessible places (with the exception of the trunk of a car).

Possession, installation or operation of equipment that detects the means of measuring the speed of movement (Radar receiver) Disrupt the vehicle or its work (Anti-radar), is  prohibited  and is fined between 600 and 1,200 MDL (28 – 55 €).