Highways in North Macedonia

The length of the public road network in North Macedonia is 14,182 km. Thereof motorways – 242 km.

In North Macedonia, road tolls are based on the distance traveled. The toll for the use of motorways is the same for drivers with domestic and foreign registration.

Vehicle categories

The amount of the fee depends on the vehicle category.

IBVehicles with 2 axles and a height of not more than 1.30 m (in the area of ​​the front axle)
ylVehicles with trailers with 3 or more axles, not higher than 1.30 m; (in the area of ​​the front axle)
Vehicles with 2 axles and a height of more than 1.30 m or less than 1.80 m (in the area of ​​the front axle)

Map of the toll booths


Travel prices for 2020

Charge stationStreet sectionThe amount of the payment depends on the vehicle category
RomanovceA1: Kumanovo-MiladinovciMKD 40 (€ 0.50)MKD 60 (€ 1.00)MKD 80 (€ 1.50)
SopotA1: Petrovec-VelesMKD 50 (€ 1.00)MKD 80 (€ 1.50)MKD 120 (€ 2.00)
StobiA1: Veles-GradskoMKD 40 (€ 0.50)MKD 60 (€ 1.00)MKD 100 (€ 2.00)
GevgelijaA1: Gradsko-GevgelijaMKD 60 (€ 1.00)MKD 100 (€ 2.00)MKD 160 (€ 3.00)
KadrifakovoA2: Stip-Sveti NikolaMKD 30 (€ 0.50)MKD 50 (€ 1.00)MKD 80 (€ 1.50)
PorojaA2: Sveti Nikole-MiladinovciMKD 40 (€ 0.50)MKD 70 (€ 1.50)MKD 100 (€ 2.00)
MiladinovciA2: Miladinovci-SkopjeMKD 20 (€ 0.50)MKD 40 (€ 1.00)MKD 60 (€ 1.00)
ActingA2: Skopje-TetovoMKD 20 (€ 0.50)MKD 40 (€ 1.00)MKD 60 (€ 1.00)
ZjelinoA2: Skopje-TetovoMKD 20 (€ 0.50)MKD 40 (€ 1.00)MKD 60 (€ 1.00)
TetovoA2: Tetovo-GostivarMKD 20 (€ 0.50)MKD 30 (€ 0.50)MKD 40 (€ 1.00)
GostivarA2: Tetovo-GostivarMKD 20 (€ 0.50)MKD 30 (€ 0.50)MKD 40 (€ 1.00)
PetrovecA4: Skopje-PetrovecMKD 20 (€ 0.50)MKD 40 (€ 1.00)MKD 50 (€ 1.00)

North Macedonia has an open toll system. Those. You have to pay at every toll booth that you have to pass through.

The most popular route from the Serbian border to the Greek border (170 km) via the A1 “Prijatelstvo” motorway costs MKD 300 (€ 5.50) for a car.

Payment options

Payment for the roads in North Macedonia is made at the payment points in cash in local currency (MKD) or by credit card. Cash euros are also accepted, including coins valued at 1 and 2 euros and 50 cents. 10 and 20 cents are not accepted. Change can be given in both local currency and euros.

The tariffs in euros are fixed, no MKD conversion at the rate of the central bank. Therefore, it is not worth paying in euros. The payment amount is 10-15% higher than paying in local currency.

The receipt (tax receipt) must be kept in the vehicle on the road at all times and shown to the persons authorized to monitor the road traffic law. Without a check – a fine of MKD 100 to 300 (€ 1.60 – 4.90).

Road map of North Macedonia

Road map of Macedonia

Road map of North Macedonia   (3.8 Mb)

Main traffic rules of North Macedonia

Speed ​​limit

Speed ​​limits in Macedonia

Standard speed limits in North Macedonia (unless otherwise stated on signs). Cars and Motorcycles:

  • in the village – 50 km / h
  • outside the village – 80 km / h
  • on the road – 100 km / h
  • on the highway – 130 km / h

Cars with trailers:

  • in the village – 50 km / h
  • outside the village – 80 km / h
  • on the road – 80 km / h
  • on the highway – 80 km / h

Drivers with less than 2 years of experience are allowed to drive outside of settlements at a speed of no more than 60 km / h, on car roads – 80 km / h, on highways – 90 km / h.

Driving on motorways with vehicles at a speed of not more than 60 km / h is prohibited according to their technical specifications.

The current maximum speed limits for cars on the roads of European countries.


The maximum permitted blood alcohol level is   0.5   .

With a blood alcohol level of 0.51 to 1.0 ‰ – a fine of 225 € and withdrawal of the driving license for 3 to 6 months.

With a blood alcohol level of 1.01 to 1.50 ‰ – a fine of 275 € and withdrawal of the driving license for 6 to 9 months.

If the blood alcohol level is 1.51 to 2.0 – a fine of 325 € and driving license disqualification for 9 to 12 months.

If the blood alcohol level is over 2.0 ‰ – a fine of 375 € and withdrawal of the driving license for 12 months.

For drivers whose driving experience is less than 2 years, the permitted blood alcohol level is less than   0.1 ‰   .

If the alcohol level in the blood of such drivers is between 0.1 and 0.5 – a fine of € 200 and withdrawal of the driver’s license for 3 months.

Acceptable blood alcohol levels when driving in Europe.

dimmed headlights

Dipped headlights are required 24 hours a day all year round. Fog lights should only be used in fog or limited visibility.

If there are no dipped headlights during the day – a fine of € 15.

If there are no dipped headlights at night – a fine of € 35.

In which European countries are dipped headlights mandatory during the day?

Transportation of children

It is forbidden to transport children under the age of 12 in the front seat of a car.

In a car on the back seat, a child under the age of 5 can be transported in a special child seat that is attached to the vehicle seat with a seat belt or in another suitable manner.

A car in the front seat can carry a child under 2 years of age if the vehicle does not have a protective airbag or the airbag is deactivated and the child is being transported in a special child seat against the direction of travel.

The child seat must be attached to the vehicle seat with a three-point belt.

The fine is € 35.

Requirements for the transport of children in light vehicles on the roads of European countries.

Seat belt

The use of seat belts is compulsory for front and rear passengers   .

Persons who are clearly under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substances are not allowed to be carried in the front seat.

The fine is € 40.

Make a phone call

It is forbidden to use a telephone device while driving, even if it is equipped with a technical device that enables hands-free negotiations.

The fine is € 40.

Fines for calling while driving in European countries.


Tinting the windshield is prohibited. The front side windows must have a light transmission of at least 70%.

The fine is € 300.


Fines are imposed by the police at the crime scene. They have to be paid at the post office or bank. If the fine is paid within 8 days, 50% of the fine will be charged.

The fines in Macedonia are linked to the euro. When paying, a conversion into Macedonian denar takes place at the exchange rate of the central bank. Traffic fines in North Macedonia:

violationFines (EUR)
Increase your vehicle’s speed while another vehicle is overtaking it€ 25
Failure to comply with the signaling requirement before starting a movement, changing lanes, turning, turning or stopping€ 30
Failure to comply with the right of way for a vehicle with the right of way€ 35
The driver is obliged to keep a safe distance from other vehicles or road users in order not to create any danger and not to disturb other road users€ 35
Turning or reversing on a freeway€ 35
Parking violation€ 45
Decreasing a vehicle’s speed enough to prevent its vehicle from moving normally€ 50
Violation of the overtaking rules150 €
Drive into the lane intended for oncoming traffic€ 250
Stopping, turning or reversing in a tunnel€ 250
Driving over a red light300 €
Turning or reversing in areas where such maneuvers are prohibited300 €
Overtaking vehicles that are stopping or stopping to allow pedestrians to pass through a pedestrian crossing300 €
Departure to a level crossing with a closed or closing barrier or with a prohibition signal from a traffic light or a level crossing officer300 €

North Macedonia Over Speeding Fines (RSD):

up to 10 km / h€ 10€ 10
10 – 30 km / h€ 45€ 20
30 – 50 km / h300 €€ 45
50 – 70 km / h€ 400300 €
over 70 km / h€ 400€ 400

Helpful information


Unleaded petrol (95 and 98) and diesel are available in North Macedonia. Gas filling stations (LPG) are available.

List and maps of gas stations   (1.9 Mb) on the territory of the republics of the former Yugoslavia.

Changes compared to the previous period are displayed. Update every two weeks

Emergency numbers

  • Single emergency number – 112
  • Police – 192
  • Fire Brigade – 193
  • Ambulance – 194
  • Roadside Assistance – 1987

Compulsory equipment

Equipment   You   Must Have in Your Car:

  • First aid kit for the car
  • Tow rope
  • Fire Extinguisher   – Required if the vehicle is using LPG as fuel
  • Warning triangle   – two signs are required for trailers
  • Reflective vest   – a must in the car (not in the trunk) and put on before going out at night or when visibility is poor on the motorway or motorway

Requirements for the equipment that must be present in the car in various European countries.

Winter equipment

Winter tires

The use of winter tires in North Macedonia is only compulsory outside the built-up areas from November 15 to March 15. If used, they must be fitted to all wheels.

Alternatively, summer tires with snow chains can also be used. The tread depth must be at least 4 mm, for all-wheel drive vehicles at least 6 mm.

The fine is 45 €.


The use of studded tires is   prohibited   .

Non-slip chains

It is strongly recommended that you bring snow chains with you from October 15th to March 15th. Must be mounted on the drive axle when used.

Requirements for the use of winter and studded tires in various European countries.

Recommended equipment and other rules

It is recommended to have a replacement set of bulbs with you in the vehicle (not necessary if the vehicle is equipped with xenon).

The function for displaying the position of permanently installed speed cameras in the GPS-based navigation software must be deactivated.

Using Radar detectorsthe legislation of the Republic of North Macedonia is not regulated, ie allowed.

Using Anti-radar forbidden   . The fine is € 300.