Highways in Ukraine

The network of public highways in Ukraine is 169.496 km, of which 166.095 km are paved roads. The length of the motorways is 199 km.

Toll roads

Cars registered in another country can use the roads in Ukraine free of charge.

Parking in Ukraine

In Ukraine there are uniform rules for parking cars in paid parking lots (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1342 of December 3, 2009 –  After approval of the rules for parking vehicles  (26 Kb).

According to this document, the cost of parking services must be paid and a payment document placed in the lower left corner of the vehicle’s windshield to ensure visibility for verification.

After the paid parking time has expired, clear the parking space or pay the service costs for the actual parking time. Free parking of a vehicle is permitted within 10 minutes after the paid parking time has expired.

If there is an automatic entry terminal in the parking lot, the driver receives a parking ticket indicating the time of entry and pays the actual time spent in the parking lot at the automatic exit terminal with receipt of a tax receipt.

In some parking lots it is possible to pay by SMS. In this case, the parking operator must check the availability of the payment, even if there is no ticket.

Designated parking spaces (within the lane of a street, street or sidewalk) are marked by traffic signs and a continuous blue stripe on the lane and on the curb that separates the lane from the pedestrian.

The designated parking spaces must be equipped with parking meters. If there are no parking meters, you don’t have to pay to park.

The price of parking in the central districts of Kiev is UAH 10 (€ 0.3). Parking fees in other districts of Kiev range from 5 to 7 UAH (0.15 to 0.21 €).

The penalty for incorrectly parking is UAH 255 (€ 8).

Road map of Ukraine

Road map of Ukraine

Main traffic rules of Ukraine

Speed ​​limit

Speed ​​limits in Ukraine

Standard speed limits in Ukraine unless otherwise stated on signs (Section 12 of the SDA of Ukraine). Cars:

  • in the village – 50 km / h
  • outside the village – 90 km / h
  • on the way – 110 km / h
  • on the highway – 130 km / h

Cars with trailers and motorcycles:

  • in the village – 50 km / h
  • outside the village – 80 km / h
  • on the way – 80 km / h
  • on the highway – 80 km / h

For drivers with no more than 2 years of experience, the maximum permitted speed is no more than 70 km / h.

The current maximum speed limits for passenger cars on the roads of European countries.


The maximum permissible blood alcohol level is  0.00 ‰  .

According to the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Health Protection of Ukraine No. 1452/735 dated November 9th, 2015 “After approval of the instruction for the detection of signs of alcohol, narcotics or other poisoning in vehicle drivers or under the influence of drugs, reducing alertness and speed of reaction “, The following is recommended: II.7. Establishing the state of alcohol intoxication is carried out on the basis of an examination carried out in accordance with the requirements of this instruction by a police officer using special technical means, the indicators of which, after examining a digital indicator for 

more than 0.2 ppm  alcohol in the blood.

Thus, despite the “legal absolute zero”, the state of alcohol intoxication is determined if the blood alcohol level exceeds 0.2 ‰.

If the alcohol content in the blood exceeds the permissible value, the fine is 17,000 UAH (€ 507), with the right to drive the vehicle for one year being withdrawn.

Repeated violations during the year result in a fine of 34,000 UAH (€ 1,015) and deprivation of the right to drive the vehicle for 3 years.

Acceptable blood alcohol levels while driving in Europe.

dimmed headlights

Dipped headlights are required in the dark, during the day when visibility is poor and when driving through tunnels.

Fog lights can be used individually in poor visibility conditions as well as with low beam or high beam headlights and at night on unlit road sections – only together with low beam or high beam headlights (section 19.1 of the SDA of Ukraine).

The most recent changes to the traffic rules of Ukraine on April 15, 2013 introduced the concept of “daytime running lights” and the obligation to use them outside of settlements during the day from October 1st to May 1st. In their absence, the dipped headlights must be used (section 9.8 of the SDA of Ukraine).

In which European countries is the use of dipped headlights mandatory during the day?

Transportation of children

Children under 12 years of age or under 145 cm are prohibited from driving in the front seats without using special means that allow the child to be secured with the seat belts provided in the construction of this vehicle (section 21.11 of the SDA of Ukraine ).

The fine is UAH 510 (€ 15).

Requirements for the transport of children in light vehicles on the roads of European countries.

Seat belts

The use of seat belts is mandatory for front and rear passengers   (section 2.3 of the SDA of Ukraine).

The fine is UAH 510 (€ 15).

Make a phone call

It is forbidden to use a telephone device while the vehicle is in motion that is not equipped with a technical device that allows negotiation without the use of hands (Section 2.9 of the SDA of Ukraine).

The fine is UAH 510 (€ 15).

Fines for phone calls while driving in European countries.


Transparent paint films can be applied to the top of the windshield of cars and buses. Tinted glass (with the exception of mirrors) may be used, the light transmission of which must be at least:.

  • 75% – for windshields;
  • 70% for the front side windows.

The light transmission of other non-wind glasses is not standardized.

The fine is UAH 340 (€ 10).


The fine  can  not be paid directly to the police officer who issued the receipt on site. Payment is made in the nearest branch of the bank.

With the adoption of changes to the traffic rules in Ukraine at the end of 2011, the driver is no longer obliged, in accordance with Section 2.4, to present documents to the traffic police officer for review. It is enough just to  show them  (you can even see them through the glass of the car).

There is an exception to this rule if violating your rights results in a drive loss. In this case, the driver’s license must be handed over.

Table of penalties for traffic violations:

violationFines (UAH)
Exceeding the speed limit by up to 20 km / ha warning
Exceeding the speed limit from 20 to 50 km / h340 (€ 10)
Exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km / h1,700 (€ 51)
Pass a red light510 (15 €)
Violation of the overtaking rules510 (15 €)
Failure to comply with the stop requirement153 (5 €)
Driving on sidewalks or footpaths340 (€ 10)
Violation of the rules of movement through a level crossing340 (€ 10)
Leaving the scene of the accident34,000 (€ 1,015)

Useful information


Unleaded petrol (92, 95 and 98) and diesel fuel are available in Ukraine. Some gas stations have 80 octane gasoline. Gas stations are available.

Changes compared to the previous period are displayed. Update every two weeks.

Emergency numbers

  • European emergency number – 112
  • Fire Department – 101
  • Police – 102
  • Ambulance – 103

Compulsory equipment

Equipment  You  Must Have in Your Car:

  • Warning triangle
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher

Requirements for equipment that must be present in the car in various European countries.

Winter equipment

Winter tires

The use of winter tires is optional in Ukraine but is highly recommended during the winter months when the roads are covered with snow.


The use of studded tires and chains is recommended in snowy winters or when there is ice on the roads.

In accordance with the changes of April 15, 2013, it is recommended that the vehicle be used continuously on roads with slippery roads to use tires that correspond to the condition of the road surface.

Requirements for the use of winter and studded tires in different European countries.

Recommended equipment and other rules

It is recommended that you have a set of spare bulbs, spark plugs, and a V-belt in your car.

Using Radar detectoris  not prohibited by law  .